1) GMP Reactors

We are involved in the manufacturing and supplying of a wide range of GMP Reactors, which are applicable in several chemical and pharmaceutical industries. They are basically used for the applications like production of life saving drugs, food herbal, chemical bulk drugs and ayurvedic medicines, etc. These are developed in accordance with the customers’ requirements. They are available with mechanical or electro-polishing, at reasonable prices.

2) Agitators

We supply a wide range of High-efficiency agitators to the Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Specialty Chemicals, Biotech, Paints, Paper & Pulp industries. We design and manufacture Mixing systems for various applications:
• Blending/Heat Transfer
• Suspension
• Emulsification
• High Viscosity Blending
• Gas Dispersion

• Reduction in Power Consumption without compromising the mixing requirement.
• Improvement in mixing performance like Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer.
• Transfer, Blending or Solid Suspension, Blend time.
• Small and compact systems.
• Easy Maintenance.

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