Tablet Dies & Punches


We manufacture Tablet Dies and Punches or Tablet Tooling, they are manufactured under strict Quality Control and all the quality parameters if or ok, then the Dies & Punches are send for Despatch we follow the manufacturing process according to the rule book. Tablet Dies and Punches can manufactured in several shapes and sizes, we manufacture Tablet Dies Punches for D tooling, B tooling, BB tooling Machine.


  • Easy to use
  • Longer service life
  • Low maintenance

Types of Dies and Punches:

  • Dies and Punches for Round Shape Tablet
  • Dies and Punches for Tablet with Hole- Polo Type Tablet
  • Dies and Punches for Odd Shape Tablet
  • Multi Tip Punches and Dies
  • Dies and Punches for Bolus / Slug Tablet
  • Types:- “D”, “B”,”BB” and “DB” Tooling
  • Dies and Punches can be supplied with NICKLE PLATING, PLASMA COATING on Request
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