It is a square GMP model/single sided rotary tablet Press/ promising unmatched quality for small batch Production. Safety/enhanced performance/clean ability and ease of operation is its most significant features. The suitable model can be selected based on the tooling and output requirement from the 16, 20 & 12 station with “D”, “D” & “SPECIAL” tooling respectively. The 12 station model is available with “SPECIAL” tooling and tunnel type cam track having maximum tablet diameter of 40mm & maximum depth of fill of 30mm.


  • Hand wheel provided.
  • Turret of SG IRON 500/7 Graded Casting.
  • Main Operating Pressure up to 10 Tons (For 12 Station – Up to 12 Tons).
  • Sturdy and easy fit Feed Frame (Gravity Feeder) of Gun Metal.
  • Central oil lubrication system with manual hand pump.
  • Cam tracks and pressure rolls made out of alloy steel for maximum wear resistance and long life.
  • Worm is made of Phosphor Bronze.
  • Ease of operation and maintenance.
  • Maximum 30 RPM of Turret.
  • Variable speed pulley drives (For 12 Station Fixed Pulley with Two different speeds).
  • Mechanical Overload Pressure release arrangement.

Technical Specifications :








* Depending upon the characteristic of material and shape & size of tablets.
Note : Due to continuous improvements in the machineries, specification of the machineries is subject to change without any prior notice.

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