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Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer

Rotary vacuum paddle dryer give drying, mixing and breaking effects simultaneously. Wet cake or slurry is fed through charging door, while the agitator is rotating in clockwise direction, vacuum is applied in the dryer and heating media is circulated in the jacket. Evaporation of moisture takes place under vacuum and vapours passes through the dust catcher into the condenser, where it is condensed and collected in the receiver.
Dried material is discharged through discharge valve. The lump breaker rods are provided to achieve good drying effect. This is a high efficiency dryer unit used for drying of wet cake product after filtration. This equipment can be used in drying process of various Pharmaceuticals, Intermediate Compounds, Fine Chemicals, Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, Pesticides, Insecticides, Dyes and Food Products.

• Higher thermal efficiency due to the stirring action of product and high vacuum application. Improved product quality due to low temperature drying.
• Heated paddles provided for increased heating area.
• Improved product quality due to low temperature drying.
• Full recovery of solvent is achieved.
• The design of paddles is such that reversal of electric motor direction is not necessary for discharging product. Hence the life of motor, gear box and equipment is increased
• Gear Box and equipment is increased.
• Shaft sealing either by stuffing box or mechanical seal.


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