Rotary Vacuum Dryer (RVD)

Rotary Vacuum Dryer (RVD) is useful for wet cake/powder/slurry drying at high/low temperature steam/thermic oil in a closed condition with a batch process. This is very effective drying operation with agitator under vacuum and hence process becomes faster and sometimes decomposition / cheering of product can be prevented at higher temperature. Heat sensible product can be dried in this equipment. Any solvent based product is very safe when used in this equipment with effective solvent recovery by condensing the vapour.

RVD is constructed from Mild Steel, different grades of Stainless Steel and even cGMP/ Non-GMP model is available.

• Suitable for organic solvent based product
• Drying time reduce due to drying is carrying our under vacuum & Agitator
• Safe for handling of flammable solvent
• Prevent atmosphere from hazardous chemicals
• Suitable for heat sensible product and prevent decomposition / cheering
• Solvent recovery is possible by condensing the vapour

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