Rotacone Blender

Rotacone Vacuum Dryer is most useful for drying heat sensitive materials used in chemical and pharmaceuticals with welded Mineral Wool / Glass Wool insulation. It consists of a conical Shell with a jacket for steam or oil heating and leak proof arrangement of Vacuum. The indirect heating process is carried out under vacuum; recovery of solvent is possible by condensing the vapour generated during operation. The cone rotates at a slow RPM to ensure gentle agitation of the entire mass.

• MOC : Mild Steel / Different grades of Stainless Steel (cGMP Model is available).
• Utility : Steam, Hot Water, Electrical heater, Thermic oil or hot air.
• Application : Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Food products.
• Safe drying with Solvent Recovery
• Easy and Dustless operation
• Easy to clean internal surface
• Easy for Handling
• Reduces drying time
• Homogenous drying with mixing of dry product

AVAILABLE CAPACITIES : 50 Ltrs to 5000 Ltrs.

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