Pesticides Liquid Filling Machine

Our machine is specially designed for Pesticides ‘Foaming’ type material. We will provide syringes with N.R.V. nozzle up-down system against your foaming type material & stop dropping problem.

• Flame proof-Contamination control ‘Acrylic Cabinet’ with S.S. Structure

• Flame proof-Nozzle + Motor + Panel


• Total GMP Model

• Total contact parts are of S.S.-316 and other surface parts are of S.S. 304.

• No Bottle – No Filling systems.

• Manufactured with latest technology

• Synchronized two nos. A.C. frequency drive for main motor & conveyor belt for speed control.

• Automatic speed control system.

• Automatic sensor based bottle counter system.

• Bottle stopper and holder pneumatic based.

• Rigid vibration free construction for trouble free performance

• Elegantly matt finished body.

• Minimum change overtime, from one size to another container or fill size

• Self-lubricating UHMW-PE guide profile for SS slat chain provides low friction wear surface, smooth and noiseless conveying.

• Safety guard for conveyor gear box, motor and pneumatic cylinders

• Adjustable conveyor height as per customer requirement.

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