Paste Kettle

• Hemispherical design for proper mixing of paste.
• Jacket for heating element as a part of kettle.
• External jacket for Insulation as an option.
• Heating element via steam (Provided by customer).
• Discharge from bottom via butter fly valve.
• Inside mirror finish.
• Driven via motor & gear box assembly mounted on top.
• Discharge of paste via. Bottom from butter fly valve.
• Anchor type impeller design for proper mixing of paste.
• 75% closed & 25 % open top cover deign with proper locking.
• All the contact part from SS‐316.
• All the non contact part from SS‐ 304.
• Main pillar of Kettle will be from SS 304.
• Operating panel will be fixed on pillar.

• Insulation jacket on Steam Jacket.
• Flame Proof Construction.

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