Multicolumn Distillation Plant

We manufacturing high quality equipment multicolumn distilled water plant designed to produce 100% pyrogen free sterile distillate & chemically pure confirms to IP/BP/USP standard. Multicolumn distilled water plant works on the principle of interstate heat exchanger, dramatically reduce the consumption of heating energy and cooling water. Thus enable to produce a large volume of pyrogen free distillate at a fraction of the cost than conventional systems. All documents related to factory acceptance test (FAT), Installation Qualifications (IQ), Operation Qualification (OQ), PQ are provided as part of the operational manual.

• Compact unit, easy to maintain and operate.
• Total energy saving is 75% as less heating energy and less cooling water is required.
• Pyrogens are removed by centrifugal force developed & specially designed spiral baffle.
• Maintenance cost is low as there are no moving parts.
• Trouble free performance of multi-stage pump (horizontal).
• Provided with Compact control panel board.
• All contact parts are s.s.316 quality. All pipes and tubes are seamless and gaskets made form teflon.
• Distillate Temperature is quite high.( 90-95′)
• Distilled water as per IP/BP standards and conductivity less than 1 microchips/cm.

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