Rotary Bottle Washing Machine offered come with automatic operation support and find application in washing and sterilizing of glass or pet bottles. Further, the machines can be set for handling different shape bottles.

• Designed as per cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance
• Machine is made from AISI 304.
• Five wash with four inner & one outer.
• Sequence of washes to customer’s choice.
• Stationary nozzles eliminate contamination of water cycles.
• Easy to operation and loading and unloading by manual.
• Individual solenoid valve for each washing sequence, that eliminates carbon plate and other accessories reduce leakage and maintenance to minimum.
• Higher capacity centrifugal pumps to wash bigger bottles (500 & 1000 ml.).
• Bottle guide system especially for lightweight bottle.
• Separate panel control to avoid any short circuit due to spraying of water.

AVAILABLE CAPACITIES : 20 bottles / minute to 120 bottle /minute

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